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Изготовление узорчатого обуха arrowhead

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Here I will try to show you how I do a back to back arrowhead pattern....I hope you enjoy this project and if you are going to try it "Good Luck and Have Fun"

I marked the blade spine off in 1/4 inch sections.You can do this at whatever size you would like.


Tools needed are a ruler,scribe,small round file,3 corner file,and something to hold the blade in stationary prefferably a vice,but you can clamp the blade to the side of a board that is clamped to the table if thats all you have available.


You will use 2 sections to make 2 arrowheads pointing each other.The first cut is with the three corner file on the line between the two sections.


You want the first cut almost to center.then file a flat at a angle back to shape one side of the point.You can stop this at ever point that you want,I keave enough room for the round file's thickness.


Now do the other side of the blade just as you did on the other side


With the round file make a small cut at the base of the arrowhead.Cut in just deep enough to define the shape you want for your arrowhead


Do the same cuts to shape the adjoining arrowhead.At this point you will even up both points and make them connect with points that meet in the middle of the blade


You will want to cut a line all the way acriss the spine at this time to separate the next set of arrowheads.Use the three corner file for this.


Here is a finished section.I am adding pictures below using the same steps as above only doing one whole side at a time then the other.


three corner file to make points then round file tp define shape


Finish up with sandpaper wrapped around a file or piece of leather,Here I have also buffed the filework.Then I went back and hand rubbed the high points (flats) to match the rest of the blade....


Here is the finished Blade


Please remember to just have fiun with this project.If your arrowheads arent perfect it's OK.Unless you get the new machine made broadheads, you wont see any two perfectly shaped anyways......Bruce